I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Santa Monica, California (Lic. # 91053). I got my start in mental health in 2009 as a residential counselor in an eating disorder treatment program for teens. This provided an excellent foundation in empathy and reaffirmed that problematic behavior is nearly always a reaction to pain -- in other words, how we present on the outside is not always an accurate reflection of who we are. Having always had an interest in social justice, I then moved on to working in a program for men and women on parole who struggled with severe mental illness. This was an eye-opening experience, in that I got daily practice in not judging a book by its cover and reminders that a client is so much more than a diagnosis. Most recently, I worked within the child welfare system, providing mental health assessments for small children who had been placed into foster care. I simultaneously worked in private practice (beginning in 2014), providing treatment under the guidance of a licensed psychologist until I became licensed in 2015. Most of my work has focused on anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, and self-esteem building, but I also have experience treating addiction, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, codependency, and trauma.

Most recently, I became certified as an educator in the Bringing Baby Home program (through the Gottman Institute). As a new mother, I have a passion for providing support to couples who are new parents or expecting a child. Additionally, I offer individual support for new mothers who may be experiencing the stressors that come along with the joys of new motherhood.

My therapeutic approach is based mostly in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, which generally helps by questioning how our thoughts lead to our feelings, which can then lead to positive or negative actions, which affect our lives in various ways. I also pull from a Client-Centered approach, which means that I approach my clients with Positive Regard, as I believe that a therapist should be on the client’s “team” so to speak. Life can be tough — we all need someone who is pulling for us!